Frequently Asked Questions

We do not believe in blackbox that keep our students from knowing our techniques. We teach our students everything so that they can trade independently.

Some courses charge an annual subscription fees for students to continue using their software every year. We do not believe in that.

Our trading course doesn’t end after 2 days. We will continue to guide you and support you until you become independent.

In robotic trading, traders just have to put a certain amount in the system and the system will buy and sell automatically for them based on the algorithm of the robots. Normally robots can only work on a predefined condition and once the market conditions change the system will go haywire and profits may be wiped out.

In blackboxes, traders are prevented from learning the actual trading techniques. When the system indicates a buy, traders just buy and when the system indicates sell, the trader just sell.

These 2 kinds of trading are not sustainable and is very dependent on the company. When the company closes down, there’s no way the trader can continue to trade.

For us, we teach the students the basics and principles of trading. We teach our students the skills to be able to trade independently, whatever the market conditions. We will continue to guide them until they become an independent trader.

We give them control over all their trades and most importantly, control over their own money. Because we strongly believe that  nobody cares about your money more than you yourself!

Contrary to what the media portrait or what the brokerage is trying to sell, Forex market is extremely hard to make money consistently over the long run. There are much more people who lose money than those who win. One of the reason is that it is very hard to predict the relative strength of 2 currencies pair.

Stock market, on the other hand, is more straightforward and easier to understand. It is said that if you can’t even earn a single cent from the stock market, there is no way that you can survive in the Forex market

We do not dictate which market one should trade in. It doesn’t really make much difference. You can trade in any market, be it Singapore market, Indonesia market, Hong Kong market or US market.

However, for our Proficient Trader course, we usually use US stocks as example.

We normally recommend the US market as there are more than 8000 stocks to choose from and there are a lot of liquidity.

Other markets are fine as well, as long as the stock is a good stock.

Our Proficient Trader Course is suitable for students who are new to trading. You do not need any prior experience or knowledge in trading. We will teach you everything from scratch.

We made deliberate efforts to keep our system as simple as it can be. We have students from housewives to retirees to professional traders.

There is no minimum amount of money to trade. Bear in mind that trading is all about percentage. If your capital is small, your profits will be small. It all depends on how much you are comfortable in.

Having said that, please remember that brokerage will charge commission and financial charges if using CFD.

We do not recommend or endorse any brokerage in case there is conflict of interest. Students should source for their brokerage.

Most importantly, make sure that the brokerage is reputable and has been in the industry for long in case they go bankrupt.

Next, compare their products. For those who wants to do shorting, make sure that they have Contract for Difference (CFD) and they have a whole list of stocks that you can short.

Next, compare their commission and financial charges. Different brokerage will have different commission and financial charges. Try to keep them small as they will decrease your profit.

No, you can use any charting software available in the market, many of them free. All you need is some common indicators that usually comes with those charts.

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