About Us?

Meet Mr. Kendrick Koh ​

Kendrick Koh is a Singaporean trader who has 10+ years of experience trading in Singapore, Hong Kong and US stock markets. He is a trained portfolio manager, handling portfolio of about USD 20 million and is also a member of Technical Analysts Society (Singapore). ​

Kendrick graduated with an Honours from National University of Singapore in 2002 and a Masters from Nanyang Technological University in 2007. ​

Kendrick is the founder of Traders’ Index (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., a company that teaches technical analysis of the stock market and the management of portfolio to the public. ​

Kendrick believes most people enter the stock market without much knowledge and thus gets slaughtered by it. He believes that when equipped with the right knowledge, everyone can be taught to profit from the market. ​

Kendrick is also featured and interviewed in popular global magazine Vizaca“, “Burst Out and “We Heart Entrepreneurs“.

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